Interstellar exploration

There are countless planets in the Sakura Metaverse, each with different resources and terrain. Players can conduct interstellar explorations such as killing monsters, mining, and gathering on the planet.

Different planets have different themes, such as (not limited to)

  • Lost Civilization Planet: Explore equipment with ancient powers on the ruins of the planet's lost civilization.

  • Warm terrestrial planets: warm and humid climate, lush alien plants and rich resources.

  • Water Planet: The world's surface is covered with oceans, and players explore treasures under the sea.

  • Sand Planet: The underground caves of the barren planet covered with yellow sand are often infested with monsters and rich in minerals.

Players who own a virtual company can obtain a business license for an unowned planet through bidding, and then they can sell planet exploration tickets to other players.

How to make money from interstellar exploration

  • Virtual companies can earn token income by selling t planet exploration tickets.

  • Slaying monsters can get weapons and equipment, various props and other loot. You can earn token income by selling loot.

  • Explore mining to obtain various gems, ores, etc. These mining profits can be sold to obtain token income.

  • Explore and collect various forests and more. You can sell the collected income for token income.

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