Sakura Guardian Pet


Guardian Pet is a rare creature in Sakura Planet with long history, even archaeologists do not know where they come from. They have long life while with very limited quantities.

Guardian Pet has unique look, they are very lovely and good at communication with people, can provide add-on for explorers.a

Once they are discovered, they are very popular among explorers.


Guardian Pet can provide add-on for roles for improvement.

Add-on Feature: Each Guardian Pet has 3 random add-on feature with a certain range of add-on points.

  • Charm: add charm points for roles

  • Bravery: add attack points for roles

  • Defend: add defense points for roles

  • Consistency: add health points for roles

  • Luck: add shocking rate for roles

  • Fatal: add shocking injury for roles

How to get guardian pet:

  • Stake to gain

  • Gain from rare instance Players need to pay ticket fee to enter. Guardian Pet adores brave and strong ones, only beat them can win recognition. Players need to beat guardian pet BOSS and has probability to win guardian pet.

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