01 Legend starts with NFT

  • Initial creation and NFT Design, has become leading AI-generated NFT series showing great combination of technology and art.
  • AzukiArt NFT Mint and Sale - Already completed with a successful community base of around 70,000+ members.
  • Marketing and global promotion, we have worked with 30+ selected projects and 50+ alpha groups.
  • Release whitepaper and official website - continues to release long-term development plan in details.

02 Glory of Sakura Residents

  • Sakura ecosystem created and perfectly designed.
  • Start NFT stake process.
  • Develop Sakura characters, including character models, attribute talents, etc..
  • Develop smart contracts for tokens.
  • Strategic partnership with selected partners.
  • SAK token Presale.
  • Sakura NFT mint and reveal.

03 Construction of Sakura Planet

  • Land NFT Sale.
  • Land Editor Release.
  • Marketplace(Virtual Company)Release.
  • Release Sakura's Space City, including the central square, core buildings, advertising booths, player blocks, etc..
  • Release of Interaction (chat, body movements) and Resource (gems, ores, wood) systems.

04 Great Metaverse

  • More on-going creative designs on planetary themes.
  • Community creative activities.
  • Hold contest to inspire designers and innovators.
  • Release Theme-park (co-build with other projects).
  • Release Pet system.
  • Inter-Metaverse Exploration.