Play to earn

Sakura is not just a fun game, but a world with a complete business ecosystem. In Sakura's world, entertainment is business, and business is entertainment.

Although, players can make money in Sakura, but we don't want him to be a money game. With Sakura, we want to inspire every player's creativity and empower them to make the real world a better place.

How can players make money?

Staking P2E

  • Stake SAK to get rewards.

  • Stake SAK for a chance to get land and SakuraNFT.

  • Stake SAK to get the dividends in the ecosystem.

Creation P2E

  • Create equipment factories and sell equipment for profit.

  • Create vehicle factories and sell vehicles for profit.

Explore P2E

  • Virtual companies can sell tickets for planetary exploration.

  • Sell weapons and equipment obtained by killing monsters.

  • Sell gems, ores and other resources mined on the planet.

  • Selling harvested wood.

Battle P2E

  • Participate in battles to earn points and rank to win rewards.

Trade P2E

  • Trade NFTs or Land and get income.

  • Selling created items to earn money.

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