About Sakura

Sakura provides a shared multiverse that connects with other worlds, Create, share, operate, explore, and trade in Sakura with the numerous NFT communities.
Initially, Players can experience and have fun in creation, mining, adventure, competition and other gameplay in the Sakura Metaverse based on Sakura NFT and Sakura Land NFT, and have the opportunity to play and earn considerable income from it.
In the future, we look forward to seeing what new experiences and games our community can create to expand the possibilities of the metaverse.The future of Sakura will be continually and iteratively shaped by the participation and needs of our community.
Sakura is different from traditional games in many ways, but perhaps the most impressive difference is this: You’re not just a player at Sakura, you’re the creator of the game.

Game features

All kinds of resources,all kinds of terrain, various ways of playing

All kinds of terrain, all kinds of Resource, various ways of playing In Sakura, there are mountains, rivers, caves, forests, glaciers, and deserts.There is gems, there is ores. Players can explore, mine, build and battle here.

Near infinite space

The Sakura Metaverse has sakura galaxies, including space cities, asteroid belts, and infinite explorable planets, which can accommodate countless players to explore indefinitely and barely run out of space.

Third parties can easily access players’ game assets

The player's game assets (tokens, buildings, equipment, various data, etc.) in Sakura are stored on the blockchain. This means that players can easily sell or give away these assets to other players and any party can easily access these assets.

Play to earn

Sakura is not only a fun game but also a world with a meticulous and complete business ecology. In Sakura world, entertainment is business, and business is entertainment.

Platforms supported by Sakura

Sakura supports Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. We will release the Windows and macOS versions first.
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