How to Buy SAK on Website

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  • SAK token: 0xb269Ab3B20E09e6fd17C3ED5B4CECF3dEA1a5141

  • Network: Ethereum Mainnet

  • Wallet: Metamask

  • Pre-sale time Round 1 : 9:00 UTC 18 August - 9:00 UTC 21 August Round 2 : 9:00 UTC 24 August - 9:00 UTC 5 September

  • Pre-sale link:

Step 1: On the browser enter the website

Or enter the KOL recommended links

Step 2: Click the button :TOKEN SALE

Step 3: Connect wallet

Step 4: Click the button :APPROVE

Step 5: Confirm USDT authorization in your wallet

Step 6: Click the button :BUY

Step 7: Enter the payment amount and click the BUY button

Step 8: Confirm payment in wallet

Congratulations, you have made a successful purchase

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