How to stake SAK

Reading tips

Staking SAK can get rewards. You can stake or unstake anytime, and rewards will be sent to you immediately after unstake. This article provides an example of how to stake SAK on the website. So if you're interested in what we're doing, we highly recommend you read it a few more times.

Step 1: On the browser enter the website

Step 2: Connect

Click the button : CONNECT

Click connect in wallet

Step 3: Approve

Click the button :APPROVE

Confirm approve in your wallet

Step 4: Stake

Enter the stake amount and click the stake button

Confirm staking in your wallet

Step 5: Unstake

Enter the amount to unstake and click the Unstake button. Tips: When you unstake SAK, "Rewards" becomes 0 because with that transaction, the Blockchain automatically issues all "Rewards" that you have not claimed.

Confirm unstake in your wallet

Step 6: Claim rewards

Click the claim button

Click Confirm in Wallet

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