SAK Token is the main token and the only transaction currency in the Sakura Metaverse, with a total issuance of 1 billion. New players can buy from the official liquidity pools. It is also possible to regularly earn SAK tokens by staking.

We hope that the first holders of SAK should be adventurers, pioneers, communicators, rather than speculators, who really understand and appreciate Sakura. We want SAK to be a truly community-driven project.

How to earn SAK

In Sakura, ways to earn SAK (not limited to)

  • Stake SAK to get income.

  • Hold SAK to get the fee dividends in the ecosystem.

  • Create various creative assets to help other players create or optimize their works.

  • Complete missions or competitions to get rewards.

  • Kill monsters and sell loot.

  • Mining planetary resources and selling resources to earn profits.

  • Start a farm to earn money.

  • Create a virtual company to earn income.

  • Participate in the alliance to gain benefits.

  • More ways to earn in the future on Planet Sakura.

Use cases of SAK

In Sakura, SAK has these use cases (not limited to)

  • Buy NFT or Land in Sakura.

  • Cost of purchasing Sakura Planet Exploration tickets.

  • Consumption for crafting rare items.

  • For trading props, pets, and resources.

  • Registration fee for setting up a virtual company.

  • Leases for construction and auctions of land.

  • Future usage scenarios in Planet Sakura.

In order to continuously increase the scarcity of SAK tokens, we will permanently burn 10% of the annual fee to continuously develop Sakura.

Token overview

Name: Sakura Token Symbol: SAK Total supply: 1,000,000,000 Blockchain platform: Ethereum(ETH) Token: 0xb269Ab3B20E09e6fd17C3ED5B4CECF3dEA1a5141

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