Sakura Land NFT

The Sakura Land NFT is a digital proof of land in the Sakura Metaverse. Land is a very rare property, the land is located in the space city, the space city is a satellite of the planet Sakura.

Build & Rent

With land, you can build various functional buildings in the Sakura Metaverse, participate in the economic ecology of the Sakura Metaverse, and obtain token income.

For example: you can build a house, gather friends for a party; build an equipment factory, manufacture equipment; build a vehicle factory, produce car vehicles and so on.

You can also lease the built houses to landless players to get token income.

Create a Virtual Company

With 4 pieces of land, you can establish a virtual company, build a company building, and carry out various business activities, such as: exhibition hall, ticket sales; apply for a planetary business license, sell planetary exploration tickets; rent advertising space in the central area of ​​the space city, do event promotion, etc..

Consolidated land

You can merge adjacent lands to build larger buildings or landscapes. If you combine more than 16 pieces of land, you can create a town and have the right to name the town.

Get airdrop prizes

In order to encourage players to hold land, airdrops will be airdropped over Space City from time to time, and players who hold Sakura Land NFTs have a chance to receive airdropped benefits.

Token overview

Name: Sakura Land NFT Symbol: SakuraLand Total supply: 10,000 Blockchain platform: Ethereum(ETH)

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