Sakura NFT

SakuraNFT, as a digital identity proof for players to enter Sakura, has more rights and interests than ordinary players.

Roles and Attributes

When players enter Sakura for the first time, they can choose characters such as interstellar immigrants, defectors, gold diggers, adventurers, etc. Different characters have different attributes.

The higher the rarity of the SakuraNFT held by the player, the rarer characters will be obtained, such as rare mechanic characters, etc..

Explore the asteroid belt

The resource-rich asteroid belt is located in the airspace near the Sakura Space City satellite. Only SakuraNFT players can mine the asteroid belt to obtain rich ores, gems, etc. There are regular airship flights between Space City and the asteroid belt.

Get airdrop prizes

In order to encourage players to hold SakuraNFT, airdrops will be airdropped over Space City from time to time, and players who hold SakuraNFTs have a chance to receive airdropped benefits.

Prioritize participation in new gameplay

Sakura Metaverse will continue to open new gameplay, and players who hold SakuraNFT can experience new gameplay first.

Token overview

Name: Sakura NFT Symbol: Sakura Total supply: 2,222 Blockchain platform: Ethereum(ETH)

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